Lettuce Work Spring Salad Mix Update

Spring Salad Mix Update

Our sincere thanks goes out to all our loyal Spring Salad mix customers!

During the past six years we have distributed our salad blend locally through about a dozen grocery stores. For the past three years we have also been operating our retail nursery, growing ornamental flowers and shrubs.

We recently made the decision to focus all of our greenhouse space and resources on expanding the nursery business, and will discontinue growing our salad blend at the end of November. This was a difficult decision for us, but we feel the retail nursery offers far more training and employment opportunities for the young men and women with autism we work with, and is the best path to follow for our future.

Our business continues to thrive and our mission to help young adults with autism hasn’t changed. We are just saying “goodbye” to an old friend and starting a new chapter. We deeply appreciate all of your support, and hope to see you at our nursery as we continue our mission to help young adults with autism.

The Lettuce Work Team